My kitchen essentials according to my parents

Materials and tools

Crochet hook 1,25

Scheepjes Sweet Treat Black (110)

Scheepjes Sweet Treat Silver (618)

Scheepjes Sweet Treat Rust (388)

Scheepjes Sweet Treat Apple Green (389)

Scheepjes Sweet Treat Forest Green (412)


Chopping board

With Rust ch 11

R1-r8: sc across (10sc)

R9: sc around (ch 1, 8 sc on short side, 1 sc in corner, 10 sc on long side, 1 sc in corner, 8 sc on other short side, 1 sc in corner, 10 sc on other long side, 1 sc in the 1st ch of this round) (40sc)

Finish off. Make another one for the second half. Place the two pieces together and sl st around or glue together (40 sl st)



Innerpart: with Apple Green make a mr or ch 3, sl st to first ch

R1: 6sc in mr

R2: sc inc around (12sc)

R3-4r: sc around (12sc)

R5: sc2tog around (6sc)

Finish off, fill with fibr filling as you go

Outer leafs (make 3 per cabbage)

With Forest Green ch 2, turn

R1: sc inc, ch 1, turn (2sc)

R2: sc inc twice, ch 1, turn (4sc)

R3: sc inc, sc in next 2 sc, sc inc, ch 1, turn (6sc)

R4: sc2tog, sc in next 2sc, sc2tog, ch 1, turn (4sc)

R5: sc2tog twice (2sc)

Finish off, sew or glue 3 leafs on each cabbage



R1: with black ch 3, from 2nd ch from hook sc in the 2 ch (2sc)

R2: sc across (2sc)

R3: sc inc, sc in last sc (3sc)

R4-r5: sc across (3sc)

Change to silver and finish off black but leave an end for sewing

R6: sc in first sc, sc2tog (2sc)

R7-r9: sc across (2sc)

R10: sc2tog (1sc)

R11: sc (1sc)

Try to fold in hald and stitch together


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