Jimmy Jones

The family pet and best friend of a six-year old imaginative boy who questions about life. Who says the world works as grown ups think how it should be? If you just use your imaginiation things can be different an the sky is the limit. Nice start for a profound blog and it’s all so true, but this is not the reason for creating the Jimmy Jones pattern.

The truth is, Jimmy Jones reminds me of my 2,5 years old daughter. She has not lost her baby fat yet, she is blushing pink and soft all over from neck till her little toe. She loves mudd pools ans has the same enthusiasm. As time passes I will forget the resemblance with Jimmy Jones, no matter how much pictures I will take from her. This is my token so I will never forget my Jimmy Jones!

I enjoyed creating the pattern, I hope I can pass on this pattern to those who want their own Jimmy Jones!