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DMC Natura Just Cotton (N52) Geranium

DMC Natura Just Cotton (N01) White

 Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat (106) White



Crochet hook size 2.5

Crochet hook size 0.5

Fuchsa felt

Fiber filling


The icon is made in 4 parts, the top with the sides, the bottom and 2 triangles. The result measures approximately 9,5×3,5×3,5 cm.


R1: ch 19, sc across from 2nd ch from hook (18sc)

R2-R8: sc across, ch1 turn (18s)

R9: sc around your work; 17 sc on long sides, 8 sc on short sides and 1 on each corner (56sc)

R10: sc around in back loops only (56sc)

R11-R20: sc around in both loops (56sc)

Finish off



R1: Insert hook in the 7th sc on one of the long sides, sc in the next 6 sc, ch1, turn

R2: sc2tog, sc in next 2sc, sc2tog, ch1, turn

R3: sc2tog twice, ch1, turn

R4: sc2tog

Finish off

R5: Insert hook in one corner of the triangle and 4 sc on the sides of the triangle (8sc)

Finish off

Repeat R1-R5 on the other long side



R1: ch 19, sc across from 2nd ch from hook (8sc)

R2-R27: sc across (8sc)

R28: sc around your work; 25 sc on long sides, 8 sc on short sides and 1 on each corner (62sc)



Start with a magic ring or ch3 and sl st to first ch.

R1: sc 6 in magic ring

R2: sc inc around (12sc)

R3: sc inc, sc in next sc, repeat 5x (18sc)

Sew the head on the icon



R1: Ch 8, start from 2nd ch from hook, 7sc, ch1, turn

R2: 7 dc in 4th sc from hook, sl st to last sc.

Sew the head on the icon



With Scheepjes bonbon white ch 28 for #5, ch 26 for #0

Place the chains on the icon and sew in a few stiches so the number keeps in place.


At this stage the icon is ready. I personally prefer to firm up my work whenever I like to create sharp edges. From a carton box (empty lasagna box in particular) I cut a rectangle of 7×3,5×3,5cm and a rectangle of 2,5×2,5×2,5 cm. this I put in the body and filled it tightly with fiber filling before I slip stitched the parts together.


Ears (make 2)

With white, start with a magic ring or chain 3, sl st to first ch. Work in rounds and do not sl st in first sc after each round.

R1: 5sc in ring

R2: 2sc inc around (10sc)

R3&R4: sc around (10sc)

R5: 2sc inc, sc, repeat 4x (15sc)

R6&R7: sc around (15sc)

R8: 2sc inc, 2sc, repeat 4x (20sc)

R9&R10: sc around (20sc)

R11: sc2tog, 8sc, sc2tog, 8sc (18sc)

R12: sc around (18sc)

R13: sc2tog, 7sc, sc2tog, 7sc (16sc)

R14: sc around (16sc)

R15: sc2tog, 6sc, sc2tog, 6sc (14sc)

R16: sc around (14sc)

Finish off and leave end for sewing, fold the ear in half tightly.


Inner ear (makes 2):

Cut from the pink felt 2 strips of 1cm x 2,5cm. From the middle of the top draw slightly bows to the right and left bottom corners. Cut the inner ears and sew or glue it onto the outer ears.





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