King’s day is one of my favorite holidays. Everybody in is a happy spirit and has the orange fever. There is food, drinks and fun on every corner of the street. And the most fun thing for the kids (and grown up’s) is the flea market. Whether you are buying or selling, it is one of the most remarkable things on King’s day. This pattern for the King’s Day rug you can find here. The ice cream truck and the small items on the rug are pattern you can find on my Etsy and Ravelry stores.



Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat (100% Mercerised Cotton; 25g/140m)

Yarn A: 201 Electric Blue x 1 ball

Yarn B: 281 Tangerine x 1 ball

Yarn C: 523 Pale Peach x 1 ball

Yarn D: 189 Royal Orange x 1 ball

1.25mm crochet hook

1x stitch marker



Tension is not important.



10 x 13cm (4 x 5in)



[ ] number of sts on given round/row

as folls as follows

blo back loop(s) only

cc change colour

ch(s) chain(s) or chain stitch(es)

cnr(s) corner(s)

dc double crochet

lp(s) loop(s)

pm place stitch marker(s)

rep(s) repeat(s)

RS right side

st(s) stitch(es)

yoh yarn over hook



Unless stated otherwise, work in both lps of st.

Pieces in the round are worked using amigurumi method. Work in a spiral without closing each round without ss. Pm in first st of each round, moving it up as you go.

To change colour, work final st in prev colour to last 2 lps on hook, yoh with new colour and draw new colour through to finish st.

Ch1 at start of row does not count as a stitch.




Turn work after each row unless otherwise instructed.

Using Yarn A, ch61.

Cc to Yarn B, but do not finish off yarn A.

Row 1 (RS) Starting in second ch from hook, (10ch in Yarn B, 10dc in Yarn C) three times. [60 dc]

Row 2 Ch1, (10dc in Yarn C, 10dc in yarn B) three times.

Rows 3-10 Rep Rows 1&2 four times.

Cc to Yarn C.

Row 11: Ch1, (10dc blo in Yarn C, 10dc blo in Yarn D) three times.

Row 12: Ch1, (10dc in Yarn D, 10dc in Yarn C) three times.

Row 13: Ch1, (10dc in Yarn C, 10dc in Yarn D) three times.

Row 14: Rep Row 2.

Rows 15-20 Rep Rows 13&14 three times.

Cc to Yarn B.

Row 21 Ch1, (10dc blo in Yarn B, 10dc blo in Yarn C) three times.

Row 22 Rep Row 2.

Rows 23-30 Rep Rows 1&2 four times.

Rows 31-50 Rep Rows 11-30.

Fasten off and weave in end.

Continue with Yarn A.

Rnd 51 Ch1 and dc around piece as folls:50dc, 1dc on cnr, 60dc blo on last row, 1dc on cnr, 50dc on second side, 1dc on cnr. [164sts]

Rnd 52 60dc, 3dc in next st, 50dc, 3dc in next st, 60dc, 3dc in next st, 50dc, 2dc in last st. [231dc]

Fasten off and weave in end.