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The way to my heart is through my stomach. I love food, I even dream about food (strawberry cake!). If you would try, I can be bribed with food. To me true love is when your love one cooks AND does the dishes. My guy is a classic one. He uses so many pots and pans, his conscience can’t leave the dishes to me 😀

Crochet your own unique dollhouse with this full stove! The stove is the only part that requires a new ball of yarn, but apart from that you can use any leftover yarn you have. Go crazy as you like. This pattern is written in US terms. The only special stitch is the bobble stitch. You can easily find tutorials on Youtube for this stitch. The items for the dollhouse fit perfectly in the IKEA FLISAT dollhouse

o Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat:
Silver (618), Metal Grey (242), Bridal White (105), Charcoal (393), optional: Topaz (179), Willow (395), Garden Rose (251), Colonial Rose (398), Soft Beige (406), Lemon (280), Black (110), Black Coffee (162), Red (722), Forest Green (412)
o Hook size 1.25mm
o Embroidery needle
o Cardboard (appr. 1.3mm, 825gr), available at hobby- or art supply shop
o Craft knife
o Fiber filling
o Optional: stitch marker or mini safety pin

Measurement (LxWxH):
4×5,5x5cm / 1.6×2.1x2inch