Valentine’s Rug

If you wonder how to get into Valentine’s vibes, search no further. With this easy pattern and any fine yarn you can create this rug. You can adjust with the amount of different colors. This pattern is written in UK English and the rug measures approximately 14 x 10,5cm/ 4.1 x 5.5in


  • Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat, 100% cotton, 25g/140m/153yds:

Yarn A: Light Coral 264 x 1 ball

Yarn B: Rich Coral 410 x 1 ball

Yarn C: Cherry 413 x 1 ball

Yarn D: Scarlet 192 x 1 ball

Yarn E: Hot Red 115 x 1 ball

  • 1.25mm hook



Tension is not important for this project.

Pieces in rows are worked from second ch from hook.

Change colour on last pull through of last stitch in previous colour.

Throughout this pattern, change yarn color after 2 rows. Start with yarn A, continue with yarn B, C, D and E. After two rows with yarn E, continue with yarn A.


2ch with first color.

Row 1: (RS) 2dc in second ch from hook, turn – 2dc.

Row 2: 1ch, 2dc in each of next 2sts, turn – 4dc.

Row 3: 1ch, 2dc in next st, 2dc, 2dc in last st, turn – 6dc.

Row 4: 1ch, 2dc in next st, 4dc, 2dc in last st, turn – 8dc.

Row 5-46: Continue increasing in first and last st of each row until you reach 72dc.

Row 47: Dc2tog, 69dc, 2dc in last st, turn – 72dc.

Row 48: 1ch, 2dc in next st, 69dc, dc2tog, turn.

Rows 49-58: Rep Rows 47 & 48.

Row 59: 1ch, dc2tog, 68dc, dc2tog, turn – 70dc.

Row 60: 1ch, dc2tog, 67dc, dc2tog, turn – 70dc.

Row 61-93: Continue decreasing in first and last 2 sts of each row until you reach 1dc.

Fasten off and weave in ends.