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My crocheted diary with free patterns

Egg or bird hunt?

Sometimes I wonder if I ever will have just one project I can dedicate my time to. Reality is I have always an WIP or a promise I have to realize (for some reasons it’s always a job for my kids). Will there be ever and end to the ‘unfinished businesses’? For now I have kept one promise, although my son had to wait a year for it. Anyhow, one WIP done, time to relax, happy Easter!!! If you would like to crochet your Angry Birds yourself, please click here for Red, Bomb, Matilda and Chuck.

My kitchen essentials..

According to my parents I cannot cook. I am 36, have 2 children and I can say I have a pretty big kitchen. I have more cook books than regular books. Still they think my kitchen is only for show and my specialty is chopping lettuce and cucumber. After years of trying to prove the opposite, the latter appears to be true! I never would have thought that they would be actually right. With my new ‘diet’ I am chopping like crazy. This is an ode to my parents that they are always right. Please follow this link to crochet one (or more) yourself with this free pattern.

To clear the air..

I have never been a fan of alcohol and I cannot explain why. I think I miss some particular alcohol genes, alcohol taste buds or alcohol thirst. However I do like to crochet wine bottles and post about it. While I have my blog I make use of it to clear the air that I don’t drink as much as I pretend to on Instagram. 🙂

Lately it looked like there was not much activity from my side and partially it is true due to the holiday season, but I have so much fresh ideas I can’t wait to share it with you. This fridge is a metafoor for my new chapter in 2019. The fridge is empty and has room for my new project. It is a big one and the frigde is a sneak preview, stay tuned! In the meanwhile, for those who do like a bottle of wine, please follow this link to crochet one (or more) yourself with this free pattern.

Time for a mini break again..

So whenever you think you are ready to have a break and when you think you are finished packing, all of a sudden there are a million things to do.

One of them is finishing a post, blogging about your post and also preparing for my next post. My tasks seems endless and I just cannot stop doing the stuff that is related to my crochetting adventure. I am now talking like a true addict. Time to go off and meet my crochet-rehab-destination! Click here for the free suitcase pattern.

Another day at the office..

Eary September I was at the office and just returned from a great lunch. Right after I got an outburst of a heatwave and instantly a massive stomach pain attack followed. Not sure how, but one colleauge magically made a bucket appear and under my desk here I was, vomiting out my lunch. After that it all became a bit blurry. An ambulance came and took me off to the hospital… now two weeks and a bit later I feel much better, but there will be a follow up. Now I can look back and laugh a bit again about my grand exit that day. Though I might have traumatised some of my colleagues.. If you happen to need a mini amublance yourself, please follow this link.

Potty Training

People will think crazy about me, to post a pattern of a toiletroll. But as a mom I am so pround that my second one finally passed her potty training. And not to mention, in only two days. So I was either way too late, or she was far to bright. Nonetheless, this is a mile stone and should have a proper mention in my diary. If there is anyone crazy enough to crochet one, please follow this link



Jimmy Jones

The family pet and best friend of a six-year old imaginative boy who questions about life. Who says the world works as grown ups think how it should be? If you just use your imaginiation things can be different an the sky is the limit. Nice start for a profound blog and it’s all so true, but this is not the reason for creating the Jimmy Jones pattern.

The truth is, Jimmy Jones reminds me of my 2,5 years old daughter. She has not lost her baby fat yet, she is blushing pink and soft all over from neck till her little toe. She loves mudd pools ans has the same enthusiasm. As time passes I will forget the resemblance with Jimmy Jones, no matter how much pictures I will take from her. This is my token so I will never forget my Jimmy Jones!

I enjoyed creating the pattern, I hope I can pass on this pattern to those who want their own Jimmy Jones!

What to do with leftover yarns?

After 4 years of crocheting on and off I can say I have built up a stash of untouched yarns and even more leftover yarns. I don’t want to throw them away but by keeping all it is getting harder to keep track of the brand, type of yarn etc etc.

With this small project you can use any yarn and any color.

I came up with this idea to create a memory of my very first experience of La Duree. I know, how could I not have had a macaron from La Duree before?

I can say I have been in the La Duree store multiple times, in Paris and in Milan. But being overwhelmed by the beauty of the shop and the variety of the goods I brainfreezed every time I came outside empty handed. Plus, for some reason I cannot convince myself to indulge myself with La Duree. But one day there it was (as a gift!), and how fortunate I felt with this little box! I can’t recreate the smell and the taste, but I can keep the memory vivid and crochet the macarons. Now I can re-live the moment and open the box as many times as I want!

Please click on this link to see the instructions for these little sweeties.